5 Ways I Cope With Fall Weather Sadness

The evenings get darker earlier, rainfall is more often, and the temperature begins to drop. No matter how much of a high I felt coming off of the summer months, I always begin to feel sad when the fall weather begins. Can you relate?

The dark days kill my mood and zap away my energy. Most days I do not feel like getting up and out of bed. I hardly want to begin my day.

BUT, I know that I cannot (and should not) just give up, or quit. So, as a result of those negative emotions I have created a list of 5 things that help me cope with the emotions, and begin my day! I hope these help you too!

1. Sleep-in 30 Minutes More

This may come to a surprise to you, but sleep actually helps me. I know it is the opposite of waking up and facing the sadness in the face, but for me it works as a fresh start. I will try to sleep in later, and wake up a second time. Usually when I wake up I feel more refreshed and energized which in turn motivates me to rise from my bed and begin my day.

2. Get Out Of The House

Sometimes this feels forced, but there is no need to be inside all day feeling sad for yourself. Getting fresh air (even though it may be rainy and cold) can help boost your motivation and happiness.

Try going to a favourite spot (for me that’s a cafe in uptown) because you know it will bring a drip of joy into your pot of sadness, and hopefully turn that frown upside-down.

3. Talk To Someone About The Emotions You Feel

I have learned that for many situations finding someone who you can relate to can make you feel not so alone. This advice is so important to me. The isolation does not help the situation, trust me, no one knows you are hurting unless you tell them. I understand that it can be hard to open up, but I assure you that it is worth your while to speak up, and speak out.

I made the decision to share with a close friend about my fall sadness and she completely related. So whenever I feel down, I text her and we both give each other a little boost of motivation to begin our days.

4. Journal

I always always always will promote journaling your emotions. Writing down your thoughts uncovers and explores your emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Letting the clutter out can bring you to a different and healthier headspace.

Try it, do it. Grab a journal and let the pen glide.

5. Surround Yourself With Things That Make You Happy

This may be simple but it is super important.

You can find happiness in items, people, or places that give you a little pep in your step, or joy in your day. For me this looks like calling my parents, reading a book, or buying ice cream.

Remember, mindset if everything. You have the power to change your perspective and not let the fall weather get you down.

Good luck, and never stop living your life to the fullest every day.

– Liv

5 thoughts on “5 Ways I Cope With Fall Weather Sadness

  1. I think your Blog is amazing! Everything you post is always well thought out and well put together. I love reading every new post you make!


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