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The best thing you can wear every day is your confidence. 

Self confidence is defined as the belief in one’s self and one’s powers and abilities. (Credit: Merriam-Webster dictionary)

The feeling you have when you wake up, put on your favourite outfit, and walk out into the world like you own it… that’s self-confidence.

That feeling when you know that no one’s words, comments, or actions can affect your own sense of well-being…. that’s self-confidence.

That feeling when you are prepared to take on any challenge without hesitation… that’s self-confidence.

Self-confidence is waking up day-by-day and feeling like nothing can stop you, like the world is your oyster, and that no one can tell you how to live your own life.

Self-confidence can be defined in many different ways. Developing self-confidence is one of the greatest choices you can do to better your character. Self-confidence allows you to get through daily life decisions and struggles without the fear of not making it.


For me, gaining self-confidence took several years of accepting myself for who I am, and realizing that I have control of my own life. I was once a little grade seven student who wasn’t sure of herself, and tried to be someone she wasn’t in order to fit in with her classmates. Throughout high school I was able to develop my confidence through extracurricular activities and finding something that I belonged to. Through those activities I was able to grow and find what I liked and who I wanted to be. I am constantly continuing to find new things that I enjoy doing. I am trying to grow as an individual through daily experiences. I do this all while continuing to work on my own self-confidence.

Gaining self-confidence is a process. It takes self-affirmations and reminders from yourself, and from others. This summer I met a mother who constantly reminded her non-verbal daughter that she was “a superstar” and followed up with the phrase “you’re amazing.” Those positive affirmations really made all the difference in the actions and choices of her daughter.

Reflection time! Ask yourself some of the following questions:

How do you define the term “self-confidence?” Do you embody your definition of the word? If not, what’s holding you back from full self-confidence? Why do you want to work on your self-confidence? How can you work to improve your self-confidence?  When are you going to start working on building your own self-confidence?

Asking yourself  those questions will hopefully reveal some information about your personal level of self-confidence, and figure out where you need to grow from there.

If you want my quick gd6d8746595d844c51dccfb0ba8c759fduide to gaining self-confidence please see below.:

How to gain self-confidence 101 by Professor Olivia:

  1. Look in the mirror
  2. Tell yourself that “I, (insert name here) am a confidence individual and I am not going to let anyone get me down today. I am strong, tough, and mighty. I will keep my head-up and my thoughts positive. I will go into the world today and be awesome. “
  3. Give yourself a wink and a smile

Okay, at this point you might think that I’m absolutely crazy. I know that realistically you aren’t going to magically have the highest level of self-confidence that you need by just telling yourself a few things in the mirror. The point of that exercise was to show you how saying positive affirmations on a daily basis can help improve your self-confidence.

You just have to believe in yourself, and realize how amazing of a person you are. Just be you, don’t worry what other people say. Try your best at everything you do, and be proud of yourself when you accomplish anything in life.

Smile, relax, and live your life to the fullest everyday!

Thanks for reading!

Leave a reply below and tell me your definition of the term “self-confidence.”



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