23 Lessons I’ve Learned by 23

IMG_2086I have been 23 for a week now.

Life has provided me with the opportunity to learn valuable lessons that I continue to use to grow and move forward in life.

For me, my birthday symbolizes a new year of triumphs, trials & failures. It was a major growth year as I made the decision to spend age 22 for ME. This “me year” included making decisions for myself, focusing on my own happiness, improving my self-love, and above all teaching myself that being single does not mean that you are alone.

At the ripe age of 23 I often heard the phrase “you’re so young” in reference to conversations that I would exchange with others about relationships, jobs, school, and other various important topics among society these days.

I may be considered “young” to some but, I do believe that I have been through my fair share of experiences to have learned a few valuable lessons. 

So here they are…

Liv’s 23 Lessons Learned in 23 Years:

  1. You create your own happiness
  2. You have to love yourself before you can love somebody else
  3. Hustle hard, work harder
  4. Being a single puppy mom is a lot of work
  5. Life’s too short, so live it up
  6. Treat yo’self to an occasional ice cream
  7. Appreciate your body
  8. Love your body
  9. I am done having “student” as my occupation
  10. Being single doesn’t mean you are alone
  11. Let people into your life
  12. It’s okay to be vulnerable
  13. Laugh more often
  14. Put your phone down and live in the present moment
  15. Reading a book leads to great satisfaction
  16. Be adventurous
  17. Create great memories
  18. Don’t sweat the small stuff
  19. When they go low, we go high
  20. Stay humble
  21. Walk without fear of the future
  22. Never settle
  23. Believe in true loveIMG_2088

I encourage you to try and create your own list of life lessons that’s as long as your age! It’s fun, rewarding and brings a sense of self-gratification!

– Liv


Featured photo by: Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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