The Truth Behind My Positive Attitude

It’s funny because I recently have experienced my first piece of real criticism. I never thought I’d be told that I’m “too optimistic, or “too positive.” I didn’t even know that was possible! It felt like someone was criticizing my soul, my being.

So I decided to let you in on the real story of why I try to be “too positive.”

Being PositiveHaving a positive outlook is my way of coping with the sadness and struggle that I often feel inside of me. Being positive helps me fight through my battles. I’m positive because I face a lot of personal and emotional struggles on a daily basis. I wish I could say I stay persistently happy, but I can’t. The thing is that I had to chose to stop sitting around and feeling sorry for myself, or else I would just be in this sad and lonely place of no improvement. I had to decide to change my mindset and try my best to rise against the adverse times. In fact, starting this blog was an outlet for me. It was a way that I could keep myself positive and no longer fall down a dark path. My posts were primarily to remind myself to be positive, and secondarily to help inspire others who are also struggling with loving themselves.

I’m optimistic because life is too short. I’ve had first hand experiences with children who are diagnosed with life threatening illnesses. Those children’s families are faced with adversities that you and I will never know, but those children are some of the happiest children I’ve ever met. Whenever I’m down I think about how I’m fortunate to be in the spot that I am, and that other people are going through harder experiences. I once met a women who was a single mom of three, worked two jobs, and lived pay cheque to pay cheque, but that woman told me about her life with a smile across her face. “My children are fed, they have clothes on their back, and they love me.” However, the one thing that all those people have in common is the fundamental aspect of faith.


Positivity is something I have to remind myself to have. I even have to go back and read my own posts just because I’m feeling unmotivated. Despite popular belief, I’m not 100% confident in myself – in fact, I’m still tying to figure out who I am. I go through emotional lows just like everyone else. So don’t for a second think that you’re alone in this world, and struggling by yourself.  This goes along with the old saying “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover,” Every one has gone through, and is going through some sort of emotional experience. So before you look at a person and judge them, make sure you know their entire story, and the journey that got them to where they are to that day.

I don’t care if people are 100% all the time, I just want people to understand that it’s better to have a positive outlook on a crappy situation because if you dwell on the negative then nothing about that situation will change. A wise and feisty women whom I call Mama P once said, you have 10 minutes to be upset, and then you have to move on.” It’s true. That’s what I believe in and that’s what I try to live.

We all struggle, everybody struggles with something. But it’s how we chose to deal with the stress in our life that will make an impact on our future.

IMG_5611So I’d rather be known for being “too positive” than for not being able to face adversity and look it in the eye. I’d rather be optimistic about my life than to sit around and let time pass me by.

Positive vibes, positive mind, positive life.

Being positive is one step closer to living your life to the fullest every day.


13 thoughts on “The Truth Behind My Positive Attitude

  1. I recommend the book: BRIGHT-Sided. by Barbara Ehrenreich.

    After about pg. 25 or 30, it gets reeeally fascinating (and eye-opening) with the History of Positive Thinking (otherwise known as “New Thought”. Most people have no idea of how this began, and spread, in more place than you know, and how it is overdone. This is not a downer book. It is a revealing book. It’s one of the posts in my blog, and also has this book.

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  2. Well done! Your honesty is refreshing and I get the same thing. People think that because I always try to have a good attitude that i’m naive or stupid, but the truth is, I choose to be happy and face life in the most positive way, because life is short. At least you are not spending your time sitting around being resentful and feeling sorry for yourself. You just be who you are and those sad, critical people can just go on being unhappy!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, and for reading my post! I’m happy to hear that you get the same thing, this questioning of positivity. Having a good attitude has really set me out for success in my life, and I have no reason to complain! You said it best, life is too short!

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  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!! Girl you have a way with words. This one really struck me ” I had to chose to stop sitting around and feeling sorry for myself, or else I would just be in this sad and lonely place of no improvement. ” This is the story of my life!!! I have struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life. A few months ago I was falling back and didn’t notice, when I did notice (someone pointed it out) I forced myself to get out of bed, get moving and trying to find ways to feel better and got help. Being positive even when you don’t feel like it is an excellent way to get through the dark times! Stay strong and positive my friend!

    Jani from

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    1. I’m just seeing all of your lovely comments now (I really need to check my notifications more often!) I really really appreciate your kind words 💕 I’m so happy that my writing has struck you because that’s always my goal, to be relatable and inspiring. I’m proud of you for finding ways to feel better and for getting help! It’s a big step and an important once too. We’re on this positive road together my friend! 😊

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  4. I totally understand! I too, choose to be positive as a result of serious adversity in my past. It was my method of surviving and thriving. Much love and kudos to you! Let me know if you need a reminder of how amazingly awesome you are!!! 🙏💖❤️💜💚💙🌈🎉 I’ve also come to learn that all perceived struggles actually serve us in one way or another. Nothing has gone wrong. It just pushed us to finding ourselves and knowing ourselves more deeply. 💖💖💖💖💖

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    1. Beautifully written comment 💕 Thank you for your kind and soulful words. It’s not easy being vulnerable and talking about my real struggles, but messages like this remind me that putting myself and my emotions out there is okay! 💜 Thank you for your support! I always enjoy when others share with me their own personal connection and experiences with surviving and thriving!

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      1. I like knowing all is really well and we can find alignment with who we really are. I’m wondering if you are familiar with the Abraham-Esther Hicks material. There are lots of groups of fb.


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