Feature Friday: Bailey Lowry – @bailsdiy

Meet Bailey. We’ve been friends since French class in grade nine, just about 9 years ago. I think Bailey is one of the most creative and talented friends that I have. She has always been the queen at DIY projects, creativity, and turning old things into new treasures. On top of the creativity, Bailey is also kind-hearted, super funny, very thoughtful, trusting, joyful & smart. She inspires me to try new things and to do things that I love most in life! I’m happy for you to meet Bailey, and for her to be my first ever #FeatureFriday post!

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You are my first ever Feature Friday, how does it feel?

“I’m excited and I’m really honored and happy that you’re doing this. And I’m really proud of you!”

My first question for you is, in 3 words how would you describe yourself to a stranger?

“Passionate, creative and happy.”

What got you into doing DIYing?

“I think I’ve always been very creative about things. When I was younger my mom would bring me home cardboard boxes from work and I would literally turn them into everything. I made dog houses, I made doll houses… I did this thing when I was little called ‘tape painting’ and I literally made a stand in my living room, then took boxes out of our recycling bin, put them in tape and painted them and sold them to my family. Ever since then it has always been something I really loved to do, which is why now I say ‘do more of what makes you happy.’ For me it’s DIYing because when I’m sad that’s what I do. It automatically makes me happy.”

Do you have a favorite DIY project of yours?


“I go in spurts. I do something and really really like it and then I do something else and I’m like ‘oh this is way better.’ But I re-did my side table. I found it on the side of the road and it was completely trashed, look so bad, and I redid it. Now it’s all rustic and nice. And I also did a frame from Ikea and I printed off some things from the computer that says “How to be happy. Wake up every morning and decide that you’re in a good mood.” I’ve had that since before I even went to university. Looking at it I’m like ‘yeah that’s true.’ So it’s probably one of my favourites as well.”

You’re a very artsy and creative person, what inspires you to be creative?

“Just being happy. I do DIYing solely because it makes me happy. I’m not trying to make money off anything. I go out and I shop and I see things that I like and I’m like ‘I could make that myself.’ The process of creating it is just as good as having it in the end.”

I’ve known you for almost 9 years and yellow is your favourite colour. Yellow is a colour associated with being positive and happy, so what’s one thing you do to bring positivity into your life (besides DIYing)?

“Something I’ve recently been trying to do is not let my happiness depend on other people. I have that quote written down in my phone in my notes just because so often we rely on other people to bring us joy when really the only person that can make you happy and decide whether you’re having a good day or not is yourself. So trying to have a positive mindset about everything. If something bad happens to you just know to take the best out of it. Learn from it and grown from it and never letting anything get you down.”

I saw on your TV stand the book You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life. What’s one way you chose to live an awesome life?

“I think for me recently I’ve been trying to say ‘yes’ to doing a lot of things, and putting experiences first.”

What’s something you’ve done recently that you’ve said ‘yes’ to?

“All last summer I did a festival every other weekend for 10 weeks. So getting to experience things. I’ve interviewed celebrities that I’d be super nervous to interview but I was like ‘you know what, let’s do this! This is so cool!’ Thomas Rhett. Brett Eldridge. Some big country names. So just say yes, and get out there because you only have so long to live, so just do it while you’re here.”


I know you have a close relationship with your Mom. What’s one of the most important lessons your mom as taught you?


“The quote that’s on my chalkboard right now is ‘be the best you that you can be.’ This is something that [my mom] says all the time. Even though my brother and I are so different, he’s in the medical field and I’m in media, but just taking the gifts that you were given and working with them. Being the best possible you that you can be, and that’s something she’s always told us.

Besides your mom, who’s a fierce female you look up to and why?

“I wanna say you but that’s too cheesy. I think you because you’re a badass and you go out there, you want something and you get it! So I think you!”

Awwwe thank you, you’re so sweet. Continuing with the positivity, what would you say is your life motto?

“Do more of what makes you happy. I think that applies to everybody. I take it as more DIYing, but anyone can take that anyway they want. If you’re not happy then move on and do something else, and then if that doesn’t make you happy move on until you find the one thing that’s your thing and you’re like ‘Yeah! This is what I want to do!’ Do more of that, and keep doing it because you’ll love it.”

Besides being a great DIYer, a superb radio host, and an awesome friend. What do you want to be known for?

“Being nice, and kind, and hilarious (because I am). Just being a nice person, someone who people would be ‘I want to be that person. They’re a nice person to be around.’ Not being a downer, ya know? Not having people think negatively about me.”

What’s one piece of life advice that you want to leave with my followers?

“Take everything I just said in this interview, wrap that up into a little present and that’s your advice! Do more of what makes you happy, be creative, and be the best you that you can be out in the world. Bring your positivity and decide that you’re in a good mood. What you think is what’s going to happen. Think positive thoughts, positive things will happen.”

Any shameless plugs you want to leave?

“Follow me on Instagram @bailsdiy and follow me on twitter @baileylowry. Follow me on all the things! Listen to me every weeknight, 6-11 on Today’s Country BX93.




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  1. What can I say….Bailey is one of the sweetest people I know. So inspiring and full of life. Nice article Olivia. ❤


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