How ‘Good Friday’ Can Teach Us About Our Purpose

Good Friday is one of the most important days within the holy bible and within the church. People often question why today is called “Good Friday” when Jesus’ hands and his feet were nailed to the cross, a crown of thorns was placed on his head, and he was crucified thousand of years ago on this day. HOW IS THAT GOOD?! I do not entirely know the origin on the title of the day, but I can share my personal thoughts on the ‘good’ in Good Friday that I discovered throughout this holy day:

I believe today is entitled a ‘good’ Friday because during that very day, Jesus fulfilled his purpose. We learn in the first chapter of the bible that God created everything and it was good. So obviously He created His only son, and it was good. But I do not want to just stop there with my meaning of “good” on Good Friday. God put Jesus on this earth for a primary purpose. That purpose was to die for the forgiveness of our sins. This thought led me to reflecting on the fact that I have I been put in this earth for a reason, so then what is my purpose?

Everybody has a purpose.

EVERYBODY. No matter how big or how small you think your life is, you were put here for a purpose. The positions that you have been put in throughout your life are a part of that purpose. It is all part of a greater plan; it is part of more than just us. It is part of something that is unexplainable but has somehow worked for thousands of years. No matter the good or bad that comes to you in life, it has been purposeful. Think about it. The past trials and triumphs that you have experienced have taught you lessons to help you get through other proceeding trials and triumphs in your life. Jesus knew he came on this earth and that he was going to die and become King. I wonder why I have been put on this earth, and what my purpose will be?

We are all put on this earth for something.

What is your purpose? Do you know your purpose? Do you feel like you’re being guided toward your purpose? Do you feel like you have multiple purposes?

Oprah Winfrey always says that you have to listen to signs of the universe. I believe this truly. I think “signs” of the universe come and go, however, we are the ones who choose if we are going to respond to these signs that enter into our daily lives.

So today on Good Friday (and throughout the Easter weekend), I want you to think about how incredible this life is that God has brought us. Think about how we have our own purpose to fulfill, and that it is up to us to be able to listen to the world, listen to God, or listen to the universe to see how we are being led toward our purpose.

Find your purpose. Figure out why you’re here on this Earth. You’re here for a specific reason, don’t forget that.


6 thoughts on “How ‘Good Friday’ Can Teach Us About Our Purpose

    1. Thank you, your words truly mean a lot! I find it tough being young and in my twenties, so I’m thankful to have my faith to lean back on, and to help me try to piece together my own wisdom.

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  1. This post is lovely and so relatable, and I’m a Christian as well! It’s great to see you writing so openly about how God has inspired you and I hope we’ll all find our purpose in life someday 🙂


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