Serena Williams: Still A Champion In My Heart

I just watched Serena Williams’ Wimbledon Tournament interview and tears began to well up in my eyes. I was not emotional simply because she lost; I was emotional because her strength and grace as a women shined through that interview and touched at a piece of my heart strings.

I have been a fan of Serena and Venus Williams since I was a little girl. In the basement of my childhood home, I often played Barbies while my dad sat nearby in his lazy-boy watching the sports channel. Whenever Serena or Venus were on the TV, my dad would always make a point to have me stop playing with my Barbies for a moment and direct my focus to the TV screen. He would share with me their personal stories of their trials and triumphs, and highlight their independent strength as women. He used the Williams sisters as role models to encourage his daughter to go after her dreams, and to teach her to never limit her goals or expectations for herself.

Serena’s speech was both emotional and empowering. That smile shined across her face even though she faced the disappointment of not winning the title.  She’s a true example of sportsmanship and grace as she applauded her competitor, and 2018 Wimbledon champion, Angelique Kerber. Serena reminds us that she’s “just getting started” in reference to her comeback after taking on the new role as “mom” to her 10 month-old daughter Olympia.

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Serena is empowering not only mothers, but all women. She reminds us to not let anything get in our way, to keep on working toward our goals and to enjoy every moment of the ride. Serena is arguably one of the greatest athletes of our generation, and in my eyes, she’s one of the strongest, fiercest, and passionate female athletes to this day.

Congrats Serena on your achievements at Wimbledon, you’re always a champion in my eyes.

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