New things

This week has been a whirlwind of new and exciting experiences.

The first week back to school is always exciting. “New year, new me” is often the motto for many students who are looking to “improve” themselves compared to the previous year. I can testify with the motto because not only did I move house locations, gained new roommates, and lost a loved one, but I also dyed my hair and started wearing a nose ring. A new school year is a time where people feel more positive and hopeful about themselves, and the upcoming year. They feel as though they are ready to take on new challenges.

Experiencing new things goes hand-in-hand with a plethora of emotions. Happy, sad, nervous, excited, scared, overwhelmed, and confused. But once you get over the initial negative feelings, experiencing something new is what we need in our lives. How boring would it be to wake up and do the same things, at the same time ever single day? BOOOORRRRINNNNG!

I volunteered with my university’s Welcome Week, and on Sunday I helped move incoming first year students into their new residence buildings. Move-in day is one of the many new experiences these first years are about embark on. New place, new friends, new environment, and a new sense of independence. Moving away from home pushes people super out of their comfort zone. But, why stay in your comfort zone all the time?

I want you to think of a time where you experienced something new and were pushed out of your comfort zone. How did you feel? How did you benefit?

Pushing yourself to try new things should be added to the motto. “New year, new me, NEW THINGS!” Be inspired to try something new in the next couple of days. What is something that you always wanted to do but was nervous to try?


I want you to take the next moment that comes up in your life to try something out of the ordinary.

Put your own twist on the experience and be proud of yourself for trying something new.

New things, and new experiences will help you live your life to the fullest every day.




2 thoughts on “New things

  1. Such a positive blog!! Maybe I should try moving out of my comfort zone?!? It’s kind of hard when you are old like me. hahaha


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