Define you, do you.

Hola! Long time no chat eh? My last two/three months have been a little bit hectic. 

This summer I worked at an overnight camp which set me back a little bit longer than anticipated with writing another blog post. I didn’t take the time to continue to keep up my goal of blogging once every week. So here I am, back at it by trying to be consistent with my blog.

Recently I have been able to take a pause and take in life. I didn’t realize the importance of reflecting on life and allowing for personal growth. I’ve really found comfort in finding myself, my wants, and my needs in order to set me up for a successful future.

So basically, from modification of a popular culture phrase, I’ve been “doing me.”


It’s been awesome to “do me!” I’ve learned that I need to be selfish at times, and that I need to realize how awesome of a person I am. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and told yourself that “you’re awesome?” Do it, I dare you. With all of the hustle and bustle of life, people often don’t stop to smell their own roses. Try to take time in your next couple of weeks to really find out who you are and who the person is that you want to be. Take a pause from the bustle of life, and look at your own self.

Be the person that YOU want, and don’t let others stop you. Life is too short to worry about others opinions, it’s time to accept who you are and let those around you grow along with it. “Doing you” isn’t about pushing people away, or ignoring others. “Doing you” is about taking time for yourself and allowing for personal growth.

Define who you want to be. Define your new goals, whether they be long term or short term.


For example:  I want to be an adventurous girl who experiences life to the fullest. I want to graduate with honours, and start working myself to the top. I want to earn my own success and work hard until I achieve it. But that’s just me, at 21 years old, that’s my dream.

“I see it I want it. I dream it, I work hard, I grind ’till I got it.”- Beyonce

My question for you is “Who do you want to be?”

I promise that once you start “doing you” you will be able to live each day to the fullest

– Liv

**Photo Credit: Simon Tesfay

Instagram: @livyourlifeeveryday


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