Currently, I am working on an assignment about images present in social media. The purpose of the assignment is to note the reactions/comments from people when comparing the before and after images of the photoshopped photo.

I used a photo that I took after my shower the other day. I put on minor foundation (because of my acne insecurities), but my hair was still wet.


Then I downloaded an airbrush app that helped me “work my magic.” I enhanced my photo by using features such as eye brighten, blemish fix, smoothing, adding make-up, and even shaping. I slimed out both my nose and my face, smoothed out my skin, and added lipstick, eyelashes, and blush.

After the transformation it was evident the change between the photos. My initial reaction was that I looked really pretty with the new features. But then I realized how accessible editing photos can be, and how images on social media can be deceiving. My original photo displayed my bags, my skin flaws, but more importantly it displayed my “realness.” The photoshopped photo was similar to one you’d see in a magazine, or even, a Snapchat filter.

Recently I have found that growing up in a world with social media has brought about more insecurities than I’ve had in the past. I often compare myself to others weight wise, life wise, relationship wise, and even looks wise. I know that I shouldn’t, but I do find it easy to get caught up in the comparison game and wish I looked different.

I would be interesting to see the confidence difference between teenage girls growing up without these editing apps vs. the ones who use them on a daily basis. I’m sure that today’s teenagers face a lot more social pressures to look and be a certain way.

Once I posted the photo I received floods of reactions about the two images. Of course everyone said that the one on the left is the “Real”, and that the edited one looks like something you’d see in the magazine.

Bottom line, don’t compare yourself to others, and don’t try to compete with this artificial idea of beauty. As cheesy as it is, beauty comes from within. You’re as beautiful as you think you are, and don’t let anyone define you others wise.


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