How Ariana Grande’s Lyrics In ‘Thank u, next’ Give Us Valuable Break-Up Advice

When you break down the lyrics of Ariana Grande’s new single ‘Thank you, next,” she offers great post-break-up advice. Her reflections on her previous relationships reminds us of the value in a break-up, and the importance of building a relationship with ourself. Read more here! Continue reading How Ariana Grande’s Lyrics In ‘Thank u, next’ Give Us Valuable Break-Up Advice

Feature Friday: Heather

Meet Heather…I met Heather this past September in graduate school at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is kind, thoughtful, funny and a great friend. Heather has been very open to having conversations about her personal experiences of struggling with mental health, and through that I’ve found her very relatable and very inspiring. I’m very excited for you to learn more about Heather for this week’s #featurefriday … Continue reading Feature Friday: Heather

Little Minds See Many Things

I work at the YMCA in my city as an After-School Program Leader. The children that I work with have such an enthusiastic energy about them. They each have their own spark that they bring to the program. (They also bring sticky fingers, pokemon cards, and don’t even get me started about those fidget spinners). About 20-30 boys and girls, grades 1 to 8, gather … Continue reading Little Minds See Many Things

How to Live a Happy Life

How do you live a happy life? Everyone chooses different activities, events, or things that make them feel happy. For some people, happiness is experienced through physical or tangible things. For other people happiness may be felt through emotions or a psychological aspect. Happiness is an emotion that is experienced globally and on a variety of different levels. Science has proven that certain activities can … Continue reading How to Live a Happy Life