How To Be A Bawse – Book Review

Being a boss is one thing, but being a BAWSE is another story.

My goal has always been to be a strong and hard-working women in the workplace. When I say that I want to be CEO one day, I mean it. So naturally, while at the library, my ambition drew me toward a book entitled “How to Be a Bawse” written by YouTube sensation Lilly Singh aka Superwoman (link to her Youtube page here).


Lilly’s book is written in both a humorous and motivational way. Visually the book is very appealing, and the different fonts/colours make reading the book more engaging. Her wit, confidence, and personal growth are perfectly displayed through each chapter. Throughout the entirety of the book Lilly is clear with getting her point across while using examples of situations from her own life.

Lilly’s main emphasis is about how making active lifestyle changes can help discover what is limiting your individual potential, and how you can develop your inner bawse.

What is a “Bawse?”

Lilly compares the term “bawse” to being a “boss.” A boss is known as someone who is high up in the workplace, but a bawse is someone who conquers all aspects of life! Her book is not a guide to surviving life, but a guide to conquering life!

What Lilly taught me about being a Bawse:

  1. Hustle. Hustle Harder
    • If you want something then you’re going to have to work hard for it. And then after that you are going to have to work even harder.
  2. There are multiple routes to your end goal
    • Don’t get discouraged if your original plan does not work out the way that you visioned. Understand that there is more than just Plan A. There is also Plan B, and Plan C, Plan D and Plan E. Different paths can lead you toward the same end goal.
  3. Climb the ladder
    • Everyone starts somewhere. In order to get to the spot that you wish, you have to work hard and continue to rise up from each position.
  4. Commit like it’s your full time job
    • Have to put in that time, effort, and work.
  5. Be unapologetically yourself
    • Be yourself always. I can’t stress this enough. You have to embrace who you are because you are fabulous!!!
  6. First impressions are key
    • People often underestimate the importance of a first impression. First impressions can affect the rest of your relationship with another person. Therefore, be aware of how you treat others when you first meet them.
  7. Be In Sync – Mind, Body, Soul
    • This is a continual practice and experience. You have to actively try to keep all three aspects balanced and involved.
  8. Work Hard & Be Nice
    • Pretty self-explanatory. Work hard for everything you want, and be nice to those throughout the process.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 12.08.35 PMOverall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading “How To Be a Bawse”. In fact, I’ll probably buy the book so I can highlight in it, make notes, and read it over and over again.

Lilly’s words truly inspired me to evaluate the different aspects of my life, and made me aware of the active changes that I need to make in order to reach that bawse status.

Let me know below what you do in your daily life that helps you to become a BAWSE!


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