Going After Your Dream

Choosing to go after a life long dream; it’s scary. Even more. It’s absolutely terrifying.

Going after your dream is something many speak of doing, but only a few actually attempt. It takes a brave soul to take that first step toward going after a goal they have always wanted to achieve. Those who jump off and dive into their dream are 9/10 successful. But, understand that the people who start that wild dream chase do not get to their goal without bumps along the way. But the bumps are part of the experience.

People choose not to take the risk because of the fear of the unknown. The fear of rejection. The fear of failure. People who choose not to go after their dream allow for outside sources to direct their mind toward the negative.

Questions like, “what if I go for my dream and I don’t achieve it?” What if I fail?” “What if it’s too hard?” All the ‘what if’ questions stop many people from taking the first step toward the life that they’ve yearned for.

I’ve learned that taking the first step is hard, but it is always rewarding. Once you step in, you experience a feeling of happiness because you did it. In order to reach that end goal you are going to have to work hard, hustle, and stay dedicated throughout the entire process. As I’ve been informed many of times “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” so your dream also won’t be reached in a 24 hours period.

Ask yourself this:

  • Why are you hesitant?
  • What is holding you back?
  • Why are you scared to take the first step?
  • How can you make the first step toward your goal?
  • If you don’t go after your dream/goal will you be happy?

Bumps, and lumps will come up along the way, but without those troubles reaching your goal would not equal the same amount of satisfaction had it been an easy task from the beginning. Stay focused.

Dreams are meant to go after. Goals are meant to be set.

Remember, there are multiple routes to get to your end goal.(Shoutout to Lily Singh for providing me with this inspirational reminder via her book “How to Be a Bawse” — which I highly recommend reading if you want to ya know, become a badbum bawse!)

On a personal level, the first step is saying ‘yes’ to a Me2We trip in Kenya. For over 7 years I have dreamt of flying to the Masai Mara in Kenya in order to volunteer my time and experience a culture and organization that holds dear to my heart. I was scared of the money, but in order to make my dream come true I know that for the next 8 months I’m going to have to hustle, work hard, and stay dedicated in order to fundraise the life out of my goal amount.

I challenge you to take one step toward your dream, or your goal. Jump in. Do it.

I promise that when you begin the journey toward your dream or your goal, you will begin to feel as through you are living your life to the fullest everyday.


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