5 Things To Do This Summer

1) Read a new book 

If you are a student like me then you most likely have neglected to pick up a book to read that isn’t a hefty and costly textbook in quite a while.

I have about five or six books that are sitting on my bookshelf just waiting to be dusted off and read. I am going to try to make it a goal of mine to start and finish at least one new book this summer. I want you to try to reach this goal with me and see if you can even surpass it! 📚

2) Go to a concert

Go see anyone, anywhere. Small location or big venue. Indoor or outdoor. One night, one day, or an entire weekend.

Pick a show, grab a friend, and enjoy the atmosphere of a concert for at least one night this summer. In fact, I plan to see the rapper Logic at the beginning of summer!

Luckily summertime is a guaranteed time for music festivals! Go check one out this summer! I am heading to Ottawa Blues Fest in July (to see Shawn Mendes), and wrapping up summer by going to see Ed Sheeran in Toronto at the end of August.

3) Rent a campsite (or cottage) with friends

Oh man oh man, what I would give for a s’more right now. Take out your laptop and notepad, it is time to plan a fun camping trip to go on this summer! 🌿

Google “campsites near _______” and then explore the suggested locations. I encourage you to try out somewhere new! But make sure to pack your bug spray!

4) Spend a day “unplugged” from the world

I think that this action is important no matter your age or generation. I challenge you to keep off your device for a full day at least once this summer. Turn off your phone and be more present with the world.

I know this task could potentially be challenging due to the FOMO (fear of missing out) but I know it will be cleansing & refresh the soul!

5) Take a day trip somewhere new

Think of a place that you want to visit but never actually followed-through with.

Your “somewhere” doesn’t have to be far, you need somewhere new to explore for the day. Choose your destination and just drive (or walk) to your new adventure.😃

I hope you enjoyed my list of 5, and let me know in the comments what you plan to get up to this summer!


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