Francia Raisa’s Advice About Prayer Is Exactly What We Need To Hear

I’m a Christian girl deeply rooted in my faith (this is something I don’t mention often in my blog posts but a point valuable to know as your continue reading). My relationship with God has grown stronger over the past four years during some of the lowest, darkest moments struggling with my mental health. But lately I’ve felt disconnected, or like I can’t hear Him speaking to me anymore.

Yesterday I was listening to an episode of On Purpose by Jay Shetty featuring guest Francia Raisa. You may recognize her from Grown-ish, but also from the hit-show The Secret Life of the American Teenager, or even the OG classic Bring It On: All or Nothing.

There was a point throughout the conversation of which Francia spoke with Jay about prayer, and keeping a level head by relying on her faith. [click below to watch from 31:00-32:36min] This piece of there conversation really resonated with me.

Francia describes that same disconnection that I’m feeling. She said it can feel like prayer becomes “blank.” Within that brief clip, the line that stood out the most was when her pastor told her “when you used to pray you were in a broken place, ’cause it was a broken person seeking that. But now that you have Christ in you, it’s just in you. You’re not going to hear him the same way.”

There’s so much value in that sentence. We often seek out God the most when we are broken, discouraged, dishearten, and asking Him to help us, asking for Him to save us from whatever struggle, burden, or hardship we are facing. But during times of which we are happy, things are going our way, or we are living our authentic life, we stop reaching out. Our relationship with God becomes stagnant.

Right now in my life I’ve never felt more secure with myself, more happy, or more confident. I am no longer that crying ball of a girl curled up in her bed at night praying to God for help. As a result of that I now feel as though He isn’t as present as He was in my life. But that’s not true. He’s still there blessing my life every day. And he’s always listening.

So when you ever feel disconnected remind yourself that your spiritual needs may be shifting so your prayer will too. God is always listening and always talking to you. No matter how big or small the issue. He isn’t just listening to your ultimate lows of life, but He’s there when you’ve hit the ultimate high points too. You’ll just begin hearing Him in a different way, whatever that is for you ❤️

– Liv

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