When Your Body Confidence is Melting, But So Is Your Ice Cream

Some weeks I feel like I’m making progress in the gym, while other weeks I feel like nothing has changed.

I work my a$$ off (pardon my French), but I don’t see a physical change.

Body love fluctuates for me.

I’ll eat healthy healthy healthy, and then “slip up” and kick myself in the butt for having a burger with fries. Can anyone else relate to this?!

I often try to get back to that body I had in high school. Those “slimmer and thinner” days. I’m FINALLY coming to face the reality that my 24-year-old body is anatomically different than my 16-year-old body, and that’s just a fact. Hips, boobs, butt – they’ve grown/changed since my high school years.

And now that summer is here I, like many, begin to dread the idea of being in a bikini rockin’ my far from the magazine’s ideal of a “beach body.”


I will never have that “summer bod” because of the sheer fact that I love ice cream far too much. If I were to die tomorrow, I’d rather die full of pasta and fries, than to have nice summer abs [FYI your abs won’t be shown in your casket anyways 😉]. Life is too short to worry about looking a certain way or missing out on summer indulgences because of trying to have a certain body image.


I’ve tried, and tried, and tried over and over again to get that “perfect bikini body,” but I realize that my body is not built like that. I have hips and I have a short torso. Those two things in combination don’t give you that beach ready body….but that’s fine.

If you’re a workout/fitness gal like me, then make sure that you’re working out with the right mind-set, and proper goals. Healthy goals.

Try shifting to the idea that you’re exercising for health and longevity, rather than body-image or having perfect abs. (But if you do exercise for image, be sure that it’s something positive rather than forced by society’s standards!)

So as of today, the moment I’m writing this, I begin to journey toward self-acceptance, and will flaunt what I got all summer long – I want you to do this as well! 💕

Love the skin that you’re in! Love the food you eat. Everything is good in moderation, so don’t beat yourself up for eating “something you shouldn’t eat,” especially during the summer!

So cheers to having a summer body full of happiness, sangria and ice cream! 😁🍹🍦


Feature photo: Photo by Mark Cruzon Unsplash

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