Self-Love Series: Be Kind To Yourself

I believe that the hardest part about self-love is:

    1. Accepting our perceived flaws

    2. Comparison of ourselves to others

These two things get in our way of accepting ourselves and celebrating self-love at its highest form. I also believe that our ability to love and accept ourselves is constantly evolving. Self-love is not a one and done thing, it is a process. ✨

Negativity becomes toxic in our lives if we didn’t find other ways to navigate around the emotions and redirect the negative perceptions or thoughts about ourselves.

One way we can change the negative thoughts is by becoming more grateful and kinder to ourselves, also known as having self-compassion. Trying to treat myself kindly has become a learned experience. I began to adopt the idea that I had to become more kind to myself through the ups and downs of life. I had to be kinder when I made mistakes, and show self-compassion when things didn’t go my way.

Another way to practice healthy self-love is to be grateful for what you have in life. Be grateful for your talents, for your experiences and for your opportunities. Become more grateful for your life and for who you are. 💕

Activity: I call this “List of Five.” Take out a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down 5 of each of your talents, opportunities you’ve had, experiences you’ve had, people you love, etc etc.

Self-love is about being happy with who you are. All of it, the percieved good and the bad. Everything. Don’t let yourself let the negative thoughts get too deep or stay too long. When you find these toxins entering your life try and be kind to yourself. Be grateful for all that life has given you, and stop letting comparisons get in the way of loving yourself fully.

-Liv ✌🏽💜

Read PART ONE of the series here!

Photo by Rinck Content Studio on Unsplash

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