Self-Love Series: Embracing Being Single and Trusting That Your Time Will Come

I lived many times trying to find comfort in the status of “single.” I used to put a negative connotation to the word and associate it with something being wrong with me, but being single taught me a lot. It took months to accept that I was in a season of singleness for a reason and that I needed to embrace this valuable time of my life.✨

I want to take a moment to flash forward to right now. I am currently in a happy and healthy relationship with a man who is exactly the type of person I was holding out for. He respects me, accepts me, encourages me, inspires me & loves me unconditionally. But I can confidently say that I wouldn’t have been ready to embrace a man like this in my life without embracing my season of singleness. 

I started to really embrace my singleness after a fallen rebound relationship that was filled with adventure but lacked what I was looking for. I learned a lot from being single and I got myself into a position where I finally felt like I really loved myself, I accepted my life and I accepted where I was at the time. I stopped trying to rush into relationships [although I did go on a lot of first dates]. I started to become better at navigating what I was looking for in a potential partner but then one day I just stopped searching. I began to just “do me” and do life the Liv way.✌🏽

There was a season for my singleness and that was great. I accomplished a lot of great things within that time that I would not have had the time or energy to accomplish while balancing a meaningful relationship that I desired. While I was single, I was truly in life for myself. I took the time to grow and to get better, to love myself and achieve personal goals.

Once those core self-love values became constant within my life I was then put into place where I met an amazing guy at the perfect time.

So to sum everything up, I used to be that single girl on Valentine’s Day who was kind of sad, but found comfort in ordering takeout and watching a rom-com by myself. But I wanna tell you single gals and guys out there that it’s time to embrace your season of singleness. Don’t let the term “single” make you feel undervalued, under appreciated or worth anything less than you are. 

Being single does NOT mean you’re alone. Embrace this season. Embrace yourself. Love Yourself. 💜 Take your time and the right person will walk into your life.

-Liv ✌🏽

Feature Photo by Brannon Naito on Unsplash


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