The Class of 2020: Unexpected Pandemic Plot Twist

This pandemic has cramped my style.

I was ready to graduate, begin full-time job hunting, start my career, move into my own apartment and most importantly adopt a dog. Then pandemic PLOT TWIST! 

I stand with the millions of graduates who were so eager and hopeful to finish school and begin applying for full-time jobs, until one large and unexpected obstacle got in our way.

Jobs in specific roles are going to become all the rage (eg/ nurses, health and safety, delivery services) and some fields are going to have to pick themselves up after the pandemic, potentially laying off employees leaving less hope for us eager graduates. Even as a member of the health field I get nervous that job availability will be scarce. Sports and recreation are anticipated to look different once programming returns, and I’m unsure how many staff members organizations will want working in their health units.

I asked Sydney, my best friend and Bachelor of Education graduate, about her experience graduating during the pandemic, “a lot of my job opportunities have decreased because of the pandemic. I’ve had jobs that I can’t go to anymore, and the amount of people they need for jobs have decreased because of everything going on.”

Similarly, my boyfriend Matthew who graduated from the Powerline Technician program said, “trying to find a job after completing school is a lot harder now, especially in my field, where a lot of people are getting laid off as apprentices.”

At this point all I can really do is look on the bright side. Personally, I do not carry the pressure to get a full-time job post graduation. I am applying, but okay if nothing comes up right away. My family has become very understanding of the current job climate and they know that I am trying my best but am limited to options. Additionally, I am fortunate to live at home and save on rent and groceries.

Honestly, it’s been nice to relax at home and experience a little break from the pressure on myself while in school and finishing up my masters degree. 

There are many unknowns. If you’re from the Class of 2020 try not to let the pressure get to you. We cannot stress over things we can’t control. Our world is very unpredictable at the moment. All we can do is wait and see how our industries play out. You’re not alone.

Best of luck. Here if you need to chat. ☺️

– Liv ✌🏾💜

Photo by Cole Keister on Unsplash

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