My Blog is Back… Starting A New Chapter

Closing one chapter, and opening another.

It has been about five and a half months since I last wrote on my blog. For weeks and weeks I felt the urge to write but ideas were absent in my head. I missed writing. I missed this positive outlet I’ve created. However, what I had been lacking is the ability to draw inspiration from my life simply because back in May the largest chapter in my life had come to an end.

A couple of days ago I spoke with one of my dearest friend’s over a video chat and he encouraged me to begin the writing process again. In fact, he sparked the idea to write this post.

I’ve had the time to reflect back and figure out why I unexpectedly stopped writing on my blog back in May: I successfully defended my masters thesis and ended my seven year chapter of being a university student.

There comes a season and a reason for everything in life. When I began my blog I started it with the intention to remind myself how to feel. I was a fourth year undergraduate student living in a dark, depressed mental state and writing blog posts was my outlet to seek positivity, self-love, and encouragement. For the past (almost) five years I was writing as a student who struggled with confidence, life’s direction, dating, depression, anxiety, and understanding of what I wanted to do once I finished school. There I was back in May closing a door on the identity that I had for the past seven years and without that identity I found myself unable to find new experiences and emotions to write about.

This brings me to the point of this post:

Chapters may finish, doors may close, and seasons come to an end, but within that journey we constantly move forward, experiencing growth, and eventually figure out the “what’s next?” During the same time as losing my title of ‘student’ I found myself staring at a day-changing global pandemic and I felt as though I would never see that transition from student to full-time working adult. I lost my inspiration all together, including my inspiration to write.

All, if not most of us have faced the end of a significant chapter in our lives and had to live within the period of time where uncertainty, ambiguity, and doubt live. What we need to remember is on the other side of that finished chapter there is always a new page ready to be written. It’s okay to feel hesitant, anxious, unsure and undecided; but know that as the days move us forward our new chapter will eventually begin. Throughout your life you are going to constantly write, finish, and start new chapters, but you must never lose sight of the person you are and the person you are becoming.

There I was back in May, closing a door on the identity that I had for the past sevens years and feeling uncertain of what’s ahead. After six months of waiting, in a few short days I will find myself turning the page to a new chapter and starting a full-time position in a field that I love.

Let’s go through life together, writing one chapter at a time.

– Liv ✌🏽💛

Photo by Aditya Saxenaon Unsplash

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