Picking Yourself Back Up

When my mom told me that life is a roller coaster, she was not kidding one
Emotions go up and down, back and forth. Every day is a new adventure of feelings. And I’ve become really good at practicing how to hide my emotions. For a person who writes blogs, I’m very closed off. I don’t open up to new people very well, and I don’t like to discuss my personal matters with people other than my parents. But I’m working on all of that. So today I’m going to be bold and give a bit more of my personal
side to you.

I cry. I cry a lot. But what overwhelmed early 20-year-old doesn’t? It doesn’t matter the time of day, but tears often roll down my face.

When I’m down, I’m really down. I freeze, shut down, and I ask “why me?”

But after the pain and sadness, I always pick myself back up and get going. But man, is that difficult. Picking yourself back up is a great accomplishment. It’s about being resilient and mentally strong.

Resiliency, resiliency, resiliency!

I bet you’ve had to pick yourself up after being knocked down at least once i
n your life. Think back to that time, and think back to how you overcame that struggle. How did you feel going through it? How do you feel about it now? How did that impact the person who you are today?

Here are my tips to getting back up when you’re down:

  1. Cry – get those emotions out – It’s okay. You need to do it at least once
  2. Remove yourself as far as you can from reminders or parts of your struggle – If it’s a person, delete them from social media. If it’s from a particular day, then get rid of anything that you have that is a reminder of that day.
  3. Go to bed and start fresh the next day – New day, new mind.
  4. Find a new hobby – I got a library card and started to read.
  5. Connect with those who encourage you – There is no use talking to people who aren’t going to listen to you and make you smile.
  6. Do things you love – You’re never sad when you’re doing things you love right?
  7. Accept the situation and move on – I recommend doing this after the few weeks when you’ve been doing better. It’s always good to realize why things happened, and how it’s helped you learn, and grow.

What I am trying to get at is that it’s okay to cry, and feel sad for yourself; but not for too long. As long as you are able to pick yourself up and carry on, then you’re allowed to feel sad. One of my coaches once said “you have 5 minutes to be sad about it and then you have to move on.” I completely agree with them! You can feel the emotion, but you have to move on with your life and keep going

So c’mon, you can do it, and I promise you that picking yourself up will help you to continue to live your live to the fullest each day.


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