How to Live a Happy Life

How do you live a happy life?

Everyone chooses different activities, events, or things that make them feel happy. For some people, happiness is experienced through physical or tangible things. For other people happiness may be felt through emotions or a psychological aspect.

Happiness is an emotion that is experienced globally and on a variety of different levels.

Science has proven that certain activities can boost your happiness on a chemical level within your physical body, but life has taught me how to also be happy daily.

I have complied a list for you, of my surefire tips on to how to live a happy life.

Liv’s Tips on How to Live a Happy Life:

  1. Exercise is proven to increase your blood flow and to release endorphins. Endorphins are sometimes referred to as “happy hormones.” Endorphins are a neurotransmitter that are released by the brain. They have the affect of reducing pain, therefore, resulting in elevated feelings of positivity and happiness.
  2. Smile and laughter. Smiling releases endorphins, and your body experiences a decrease in blood pressure. But in order for this to work, you have to produce an authentic Duchene smile, that includes teeth showing, and cheeks lifted.
  3. Go outside. Experiencing the sun on your skin, and the breeze on your back. Seeing nature interact with each other. Breathing in the fresh air. Instant body boost.
  4. Interact with others – Being social can contribute to your overall happiness. When people get upset they tend to sit alone and continue to be in a negative mood for a time period much longer than necessary. Actively choosing to interact with other people can increase those positive vibes and get you out of a funk.
  5. Eat fruit – I know what you’re thinking “who are you, my mother?” But honestly, fruits are the gems of life. Fruits are amazing for your body, and they will provide your energy systems with the sufficient nutrients to give yourself the energy to last throughout the day.  No one ever ran the world just off Big Macs and Twinkies? Fruit is where the love is at.
  6. Drink water. It amazes me how much people neglect drinking their daily recommended amount of water. You need at least 15 cups of water daily if you’re a male, and 11 cups a day if you’re a female. Water does wonders to your body. Your organs need water in order to function properly. If I’m dehydrated I can’t think straight, which is only going to limit my productivity level. So buy yourself an eco friendly water bottle, and get at that tap!
  7. Surrounding yourself with positive people – I have another blog post about this see here –> Like-Minded People
  8. Dream big – ALWAYS – No one was ever sad when they reached their goal.
  9. Don’t care about what other people think of you. THIS IS THE KEY TO LIFE. Other people have opinions and are quick to judge. Those negative people are irrelevant in your life. Stopping to care about what people think of you will only harm you from reaching your true life potential. #hatersgonnahate
  10. Treat yo’self. Now some people would argue that associating spending money on an item is a negative reaction to feeling down. Obviously I’m not telling you to go out and buy a brand new shiny convertible, or to buy those Louis Vuitton shoes you’ve always wanted. (Yes, post break up I spent $80 on a make-up palette once.. #noregrets!  But think on a smaller scale. Buying your favourite chocolate bar, or treating yourself to your fave takeout spot. Buying a new book, or a new shirt. Treating yourself is okay, because you feel happy after your purchase. It’s a positive moment that you can focus on instead of the thing that got you down.

Find what makes you happy and run with it so that you can live your life to the fullest everyday.



2 thoughts on “How to Live a Happy Life

  1. It took me till you forties to understand number 9! You are so fortunate to have figured this out so early in life. Great advice overall!


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