International Day of The Girl

d1be39846a576273f60add2a93c5686aWhen I think of today, International Day of the Girl, I think of all the fierce girls who live around the world. I think of the girls who have to fight for their voices to be heard. Girls who have to overcome barriers to receive their basic human rights. Girls who fight for freedom, fight for education, and fight for each other.

For decades women have been fighting to overcome gender inequality. Women fight to be considered valuable and equal to men. Women are the glue that hold the world together. Without women, generations could not continue on. Without women, humanity would stop.


Girls are brave, fierce, strong, brilliant, and courageous. Girls power and female empowerment should be celebrated every single day. 

As women it is our calling to rise up and stand together. 

It is the girls in impoverish countries that I look up to. Their strength and courage is incredible. It’s noteworthy. It’s fierce. Those girls never take education for granted. They never take their opportunities for granted. They dream big, and they aspire to help those around them.

Happy International Day of the Girl to all of my fierce females in our world!



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