Chase After Your Goals This Year

Chasing after a goal is something many speak of doing, but only a few of the brave ones actually attempt it. This year I want YOU to stop doubting yourself and go after a goal of yours! ✨

Generally goals are not chased because of the onset of fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. We hesitate to take the first step toward our goal because we are afraid of making the wrong decision resulting in an undesired outcome.

Questions like, “What if I go for my dream and I don’t achieve it?” “What if I fail?” “What if it’s too hard?”  “What if I lose money?” pop into our head. All the ‘what if’ questioning stops many from pursuing their dream. For 2020 I need you to direct your mind awayfrom the negative expectations and point your thoughts toward the bigger picture!

You need to work consistently and passionately, hustle hard, and stay dedicated throughout the entire process. Make a game-plan and stick to it!

Remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” so your dream may take time to accomplish.Bumps and roadblocks may come along the way, but without those troubles, reaching the end goal would not equal the same satisfaction had it been simple from the start.

“Goals are meant to go after. Dreams are meant to be chased.”

Remember, there are multiple routes to get to your end goal. Today I challenge you to take the next step toward your dream. Jump in. Chase it. ☀️

– Liv ✌🏽

Featured photo by Randy Tarampion Unsplash

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