Yoga Poses To Help You Relax Before Bed

Implementing a daily yoga stretch routine can assist with placing your body into a state of relaxation for a better night’s sleep. For the past month I have been allowing myself time to do a few yoga poses before I tuck myself into my bed. I have noticed the positive impact not only for my sleep but also within my daily life.

The benefits of yoga can be limitless. ✨ 

Yoga promotes calmness, stability, and strength while also enriching your mind and your soul. Regular yoga has also been found to alleviate anxiety and stress by lowering cortisol levels (aka your main stress hormone) and releasing tension in the muscles, and joints. 

The following poses are ones that I personally do before bed because they release tension throughout the body. I recommend setting-up a space that provides you with enough room to complete the poses while also encouraging a sense of relaxation and calmness. Try dimming the lights, burning a candle or essential oils, using a yoga mat, or play a calming playlist. ☮️

Try holding each pose for at least 30s-60s each. However, you are welcome to stay in the pose for as long as you’d like. I typically stay in the pose long enough to begin to feel the tension release and my muscles loosening.


Child Pose – This pose stretches hips and thighs while also releasing tension in the back, neck and shoulders. The compression of this pose also causes you to breathe deeply which encourages the release of stress and anxiety.

IMG_7804Forward Fold – Stretches lower back, hips and hamstrings. While in this pose gravity moves the blood flow toward your head which has been found to help relieve headaches and calm the mind. While in this pose you can also grab both elbows and sway side to side.

IMG_6517Supine Spinal Twist – Stretches lower back, spine and opens tight shoulders. Your spine muscles support you all day long, why not take a moment to release them?

IMG_7818Butterfly Pose – This popular pose helps to stretch the inner thighs and knees to prevent groin injury. This area is one that we often neglect to stretch but is beneficial for your hip and leg muscles.

IMG_7462Knees to Chest – This is a great pose to offer digestive relief, ease indigestion, and soothe a bloated stomach. It will also bring relief to the lower back.

IMG_8144Corpse Pose – I recommend you include this pose as the final pose for your stretch routine. It relaxes the body from head to toe and gives you a rejuvenation of the body and mind. When I lay in the final pose I also try to practice gratitude, and take a moment to be aware of the present moment.

After a yoga stretch session you begin feeling more relaxed in both your body and mind, and hopefully begin your journey into a better night sleep. Try to give yourself at least a week to truly appreciate the benefits. Like anything new it will take a little bit of a transitional period to establish the routine, but once you do I promise your body and mind will feel the difference.

Stretching is just one of my 5 Simple & Effective Habits to Add into Your New Year Routine that I encourage you to try out this new year.

–  Liv ✌🏾💜

Resource: yoga poses before bed has made a difference in my bedtime routine and my sleep.

Photo by kike vega on Unsplash

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