Take Your Own Advice

The other day I called home to talk to my mom. I was having a bad day, and I needed someone to vent to. After talking back and forth for about twenty minutes my mom said to me, “you need to start to take your own advice.” And in that moment I realized that she was absolutely right.

In my blog posts I write about the inspiration and words that I believe in. The words that I write are also ones that I can relate to. However, when I’m having a bad day or something doesn’t go as planned, I start to shut down, close off, and forget about my own beliefs.

Do you also find it easy to give advice to someone,but not take your own advice?

Sometimes I catch myself off-guard and realize that I’m not being the positive soul that I want to be.

Taking your own advice is hard. It is as if you refuse to take it because you don’t want to be disappointed with the outcome. But I recently realized that in life you can’t be disappointed with the outcome, because you’ll always learn and grow from the result of the situation.

Your advice is created through your own life experiences, beliefs, and thoughts. So think about it. The advice you give others is created straight out of YOUR MIND. Then why not listen to the wise words of your own, and start living by the words that reflect you?

I wish I had an answer to everything, but I don’t. That’s where advice comes in. My friends often come to me for advice and I try to give them the best to my knowledge of the situation.

It’s time for you to grow.

Time to learn to trust yourself.

And time to take your own advice.

Good luck. I’ll be trying to start taking my own advice too! 😉



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