From Failure to Belief


Doubt gets in the way of our full ability to achieve something great. Never doubt yourself.

Doubt won’t get you those grades. Doubt won’t get you that new job you have an interview for. Doubt won’t get you that personal best in sport. Doubt will never get you to that end goal.

Personally, I used to doubt myself at least once a day. I wouldn’t believe that I could achieve something that I put my mind to. But why? Why did I doubt myself?

Now after plenty of time it became clear to me. I doubted myself because of the fear of failure.

Failure can be scary. Failure can be sad. But failure can also be extraordinary. Failure makes you succeed one day. Don’t you ever hear those stories of those big bank-account people like Steve Jobs? Steve got kicked out of the first company he founded. Bill Gates’ first demo failed because the machine broke. Micheal Jordan didn’t even make his high school basketball team. But what they decided to do with failure is what made all the difference.

Failure is not the end. Failure should be used to fuel that fire.

“You have to fail to succeed.”

I believe that you don’t really fail, but rather you do not get the outcome that you expected. The idea of failure comes from that dissatisfaction, frustration, or sadness that you feel when you don’t succeed the first time.

In the following video, Oprah said “You get as much from your losses, as you do from your victories, because the losses are there to wake you up.”

How do you go about turning yourself around from doubt and failure?

It all starts with believing in yourself.

Your thoughts and energy have the power to control your successes. It takes a strong mentality to be able to fight back and put in that hard work to achieve your end goal.

Never give up on yourself. Always believe in the skills and abilities that you’ve developed over your lifetime. My late grandfather once told me that the two greatest things we are given are our time and our mind. Using both wisely will lead you to success.

Thank you for reading my post, and I hope that you’ve been inspired to start believing in yourself to truly live your life everyday.



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