Living Your Best Life

I admire the powerful and true words expressed by the late Dr. Maya Angelou. I have previously read her quotes and poems, but I had never come across any of her speeches until today.  Although this is just a clip from a longer version of a television episode, I was incredibility moved by the wisdom expressed in this video. Dr. Angelou speaks her words with passion and you are able to tell that her words are genuine by the expression she has in her voice.

Maya said “I’m doing my best to live what I teach.” I highly related to this quote. First of all, you can always try your best at anything you do. I previously wrote a post that was similar to this topic entitled Take Your Own Advice. I always give meaningful advice, but I have a difficult time remembering to listen to my own words.

Another powerful quote said by Dr. Angelou is to “Just do it. It might not be expedient but it will satisfy your soul.” Wow. Satisfy your soul. If that phrase alone doesn’t bring about an energy inside you then I don’t know what will.

Finally, a quote similar to my life mantra, and the underlining theme of my blog, “try to live your life in a way that you don’t regret years of worthless virtue.”

Maya says it best. Her words continue to inspire me to grow into the young women I am, and want to become.

I challenge you to take a period out of your day to watch a couple of video clips of inspirational speeches. You never know who’s words will inspire you, and who’s words will help you to live your life to the fullest everyday.



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