New Year, New Mindset

IMG_85712017 is quickly coming to an end, and 2018 is ready to rush in from just around the corner!

The start of a new year brings about fresh opportunities, new changes, and a kick-start to finding motivation for the year to come. “New year, new me” is often what comes to mind this time of year. People make new resolutions, or decide to do something that creates some sort of change in their life. Many people start a new diet, cut back on sugar, or become a regular gym goer. A lot of the “New Year, new me” changes are part of transformations of physical appearance; therefore, the emotional, spiritual, or social well-being side of personal change is often neglected. Of course physical health is a great component of well-being, but it is also the emotional, social, and spiritual parts that need to be enhanced with the upcoming new year. I think it is important for us to review our upcoming resolutions, changes, and motivations for 2018, and to look at them with a new perspective.

Social media makes it hard for us to accept ourselves due to the easy access to constant comparison and evaluation between others. Do I have enough money? Is my job good enough? Am I being a good parent? Am I in the right program? Am I dating the right person? Am I skinny enough? For 2018 I think it is really important to increase self-awareness and to take the time to reflect on your personal experiences and outlooks on life. Become more aware of yourself and of your surroundings. Quit comparisons, and work on that self-love! I want to stress to you how important it is to reflect and create new life motivations.

IMG_8773I recently bought a book called “A Book About Me” and I’m very into well-being based books. I also love and highly recommend journaling in Q&A books, or list books. Those have really helped me reflect on life, to think more about different things, and look at my life in a different perspective.

 So maybe start off 2018 with a new life experience. Try reading a new book, or picking up a hobby that you’ve always wanted to do, or make it a point to call up someone new once a week. Make your resolutions more practical, more life changing, and more positive. Maybe you decide to recite a mantra each day, or to read more inspirational quotes, or simply say a prayer. Make 2018 for yourself. That’s not to be selfish, but it’s to be aware, self-aware.

As a parent maybe do something together with your family once a week, or spend five minutes before your child’s bedtime to talk with them before they go to sleep. As a student it might be treating yourself to an episode on Netflix or just being aware that you’re doing a lot all of the time, so put things into your life that allow for balance. Make life a little more fun. It’s about balance, being self-aware, and being very aware of our mental, social, and spiritual well-being.

2018 is approaching quickly, and I think having a “nice body” isn’t as good as a refreshed soul. Try kick-starting 2018 for a little rejuvenation of the self, and focus on improving overall emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

It doesn’t have to be new year, new you. Just new year, new mindset!


Comment below and let me know what you decide is your 2018 “new year, new mindset” that will help you live your life to the fullest every day.


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