Make Smiling Your New Normal

Written By: Camille Hope

Today, I give you a simple task. To just smile.

Smile because it might make someone else’s day. Smile because it is scientifically proven to put you in a better mood. Smile because there is too much sadness in this world. Smile because it helps you connect with people.

The simple act of fighting back catastrophies and tragedies with a smile, shows the universe that we are strong. We are warriors.

It may sound absurd, but really, it isn’t.

It is okay to cry and to be sad, don’t get me wrong…it is normal to be jealous, angry, scared and hopeless sometimes. We need to feel those emotions as they are part of our human nature. However, do not dwell on it, or it will keep you stuck. It will keep you in that victim mentality, and as long as you stay there you won’t be able to change and transform.

What we want is to feel loved. To feel empowerd. To feel alive. We need sadness and pain to know what happiness and joy is. After all, our life is made of dualities: death and life, love and hate, water and fire etc.. Like a swing, it always come back to the middle, to the centre.

That is what I call, peace.

It is learning to use that movement of force, that energy in our favor.

This year, make smiling your new normal. Make a smile your go-to. Make a smile your neutral place in those extremes, so that when you are happy, you are truly amazingly happy. (You know when you feel like your heart will burst of excitement). And when you are sad, well, it won’t feel like the world is ending. You’ll know the breaking pieces will be put back together.

Feelings do pass, as it comes and goes. Live in the moment.

When you’re angry at someone instead of screaming and saying things you might regret, smile and stay silent for a moment. Breathe. They will be startled, believe me. Part of us likes to fight because we are waiting for the reaction. We like to be right and we like to argue. Control the fire with calm and ease. Be kind even in the moments of hate, they hate it (lol) and it makes us feel so much better.

Uplift yourself by not falling into their darkness. (You know those rumors, name throwing and back-stabbing?) That’s how we make change happen…that’s how we show people how to be and do better. Be a model.

When we stand tall, look into the adversary’s eyes, smile, and say: I’m here to stay.

-Camille Hope

Feature photo by Hybrid on Unsplash


About Camille

She is a mental health advocate, and a wellness & self-love coach 💕

Instagram: @braveandhopeful
Facebook: @braveandhopeful

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