Finding Your Most True Self

To me these are the years that become so easy to lose yourself in.

I used to think high school years were the hard years, but I have never felt so much emotional fluctuation as I have throughout my 20’s.

The lows feel deep and arduous to step out of.

You can’t get lost in the depth of dismay, you need to find that light within and use it to move forward. Discovering that light can be a tough task, even if the light was once burning bright inside you before.

Finding yourself is the most valuable opportunity you can ‘gift’ yourself.

Take the time to dig deep into the soul and discover your passions, your value, and your voice. Be open to that voice within. Speak to yourself. Ask yourself questions. Learn about yourself in ways that you have never done before.

Having a solid foundation of knowing who you are as a person will help keep you guided on the path ahead and avoid getting lost in the darkness.

Every triumph should act as a reminder that you are on the right track, and every trial as a true test to your strength. Learn how to fight and how to recover. Learn, move past, and grow.

Learn how to take care of yourself without the dependance of others.

Find your most honest & authentic self. 💜


Feature Photo by Simon Launay on Unsplash


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