Back to School: Tips & Tricks for a Successful Start

The first day of school is the “New Years” of September. Many students depict starting a new school year as a new beginning. New year, new teachers, new classes, new accomplishments. It is a new chapter in a student’s personal book of adventures.  A new school year is the perfect time to get into what I like to call bawse mood. (And if you don’t know what a … Continue reading Back to School: Tips & Tricks for a Successful Start

Going After Your Dream

Choosing to go after a life long dream; it’s scary. Even more. It’s absolutely terrifying. Going after your dream is something many speak of doing, but only a few actually attempt. It takes a brave soul to take that first step toward going after a goal they have always wanted to achieve. Those who jump off and dive into their dream are 9/10 successful. But, … Continue reading Going After Your Dream

Education is yours!

“No one can take your education from you.” This was a line said by a women I met at my great aunt’s 80th birthday party. She was congratulating my younger cousin on her graduation from high school when the wise words flowed from her mouth. The phrase really resonated with me. The next day I attended my boyfriend’s university graduation where I got to watch about … Continue reading Education is yours!

Stress Buddies

As a third year student in university, I’ve come to know the word “stress” like the back of my hand. (Especially right now in the middle of final exams) By definition, stress is “a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, etc.” This is the common definition people say when asked about stress, however; as I continued scrolling the webpage I … Continue reading Stress Buddies