The Essence of You

“Never forget the essence of your spark.”

That is my favourite quote of all time.

Back in high school I was watching a Taylor Swift interview on YouTube and she explained that before each show during her Speak Now Tour, herself, her bandmates and her crew would put their hands in the middle of their circle and shout “never forget the essence of your spark” at the end of their pre-show huddle.

For some reason I feel in love with that. It sounds magical. It sounds glittery. It sounds like me. Never forget the essence of your spark. But what does it mean?

Never forget the things that make up YOU!

Everyone has their own spark. We are unique lights in this world that bring about something special. The essence of the spark is something abstract that determines our character.

My essence is that I like to inspire others.

What is something about yourself that you love? What characteristic makes you the person that you are?

Life is a journey, and you don’t want to lose yourself along the way. Never forget those unique characteristics that makes you the person you grew to be. Come back to that, let it ground you. Let your essence and spark shine!

“Never forget the essence of your spark” – T Swift


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