5 Ways to Practice Positive Self-Care

Throughout these emotionally fluctuating years of the #studentlife grind, I have developed a sense of the importance of practicing positive self-care & managing your mental health.


The following is a list of my top 5 suggestions of how to take the time to care about your own mental health needs, and ways to help you de-stress & relax during the times when you just do not feel like yourself.

1. A Night For One

I make sure to take at least one night a week to relax & unwind by myself. It is a little one-on-one with the three people I love most – me, myself & I! I’ll buy a bag of Miss Vicky’s salt & vinegar chips, choose a rom-com movie on Netflix, and spend the rest of the evening in my bed snacking while enjoying a relaxing movie night for one.

A night for one can look like many different things! Reading a book, taking a bath, cleaning your room, making dinner, going to the mall – anything! It is just nice to spend some alone time and remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

2. Physical Activity/Exercise

Why be moody when you can shake your booty?! Participating in physical activity is a great way to leave stress behind.

I suggest removing yourself from the stressful or unsettling environment and go for a walk, a run, bike ride, workout, a hike or any type of activity that will get you physically moving. The possibilities are endless, but getting your body active can lead to so many physical and mental health benefits!

3. Food

Who doesn’t love to grab their favourite food to eat? Maybe you want to make a nice dinner, or buy a dish from your favourite take-out spot, grab an expensive Starbucks drink, or even treat yo’self to a small sweet & sugary treat.

The last time I was feeling down on myself I made a point to go to the store to buy my favourite chips, a bag of Cadbury mini eggs, & a cold bottle of white wine to enjoy on a Friday night. These three items were instant mood boosters! Fuel your body with things that make you happy!

4. Family/Friends

Spending a little quality time with people who you care about most is always a great way to find comfort in unsettling moods or situations. I currently live 2.5 hours away from my family, but I’ll call or FaceTime them when I feel sad.

I can’t keep track of the amount of times that one phone call has made all the difference. I was able to vent about something, but then also laugh about life and forget my worries for that moment in time.

You can also go grab a coffee with a friend, or invite them over! Call them up, or invite them out!

5. Journal

I understand that not everyone journals. This was a hobby I began back in 2010. Eight years of journalling has led me to remove many thoughts or situations from my mind and onto a piece of paper. This has done the trick quite a few times. Try it!

Comment below and share with me any of these 5 tips that you’re going to try, OR let me know something you do to practice self-care!

Good self-care habits will help you live your life to the fullest everyday!

– Liv


cover photo credit :https://unsplash.com/@alisaanton


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