Why I Think Everyone Should Listen To What Lizzo’s Got To Say

I might have arrived a little bit late to the Lizzo train but I am HERE FOR IT. 👏🏽🙌

With a sick beat and fire body positive flows this woman has upped my confidence from 0 to 100 real quick.

Last month I wrote an article about body confidence: When Your Body Confidence is Melting, But So Is Your Ice Cream and if you read it then you know how I felt about my lack of body confidence all summer long. BUT LIZZO FIXED THAT REAL QUICK.

Discovering Lizzo was my best remedy for shaking off those body confidence issues, and bringing back that #selflove – which is why I believe everyone needs a little Lizzo in their life. 🔥

Who is Lizzo you ask? Well you probably have heard her Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 Hit “Truth Hurts” on the radio. She has been in the music industry for a long time and her current stardom is a product of hard work in the game. She’s an advocate for body positive, and a strong believer in blocking out all of your ‘haters’ from your life.

Her songs are preachin’ about being yourself, loving yourself, and flaunting what you’ve got. Which you know I LOOOOOVE to talk about all over this blog. (Shameless self plug: Love Yourself Series #2 – Love the Skin You’re In)

She’s here for GIRL DOMINATION! And body looooove! 💕

Like A Girl is my current Lizzo anthem and I think every woman should add this to their playlist.

Enough said. Lizzo is a queeeeeen. 👑 

– Liv (or call me Livvo 😉)

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