Anxious To Move Forward From Where I Am Now

Lately I have been feeling very anxious. I feel the anxiety in my blood (not even trying to reference Shawn Mendes, but it happened 😅).

I will feel strong heart palpitations in my chest followed by a sudden shortness of breath. I feel dizzy, fatigued, and faint.

The other night I spent time laying in bed trying to figure out why. Why why why do I have these feelings in my body and mind? Although I did not want to face my anxiety, I knew that I had to. Just then, I burst into tears and uttered the words: 

“I’m ready for the next chapter.” In that moment so much began to make sense.

After the sudden outcry I realized that I feel like my life is at a stand still. I have been a student in university for almost six years.

The demands, the pressures, and stressors are getting old, and I am ready to put my skills to use doing something that allows me to experience a sense of fulfilment.

I have always been a person to daydream about her future. I see my one-bedroom apartment covered in modern decor but little pieces of home enthralled through it. I see myself sipping on a morning coffee on the balcony before I go to work. I see only having my brain turned on from 9-5 and then getting to indulge in my passions in the evenings.

This idea of being at a “standstill” has been mentioned in my previous posts. I know I have friends and family who relate.

The period after graduation and looking for a job can often cause this “pause” in life. 

What I realized is that I have to embrace the NOW.

I have to actively remind myself that what I am doing right now is helping me move forward toward my future.

I need to stay present so I can optimize my opportunities so that when I hit that graduation date, I can be that much closer to my ‘day-dreamt’ life.

If you feel that life is feeling a little stagnant, just wait….. embrace it. Use the now to help you grow for the future.

– Liv ☺️


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