Finding Time, Balance & Purpose

“One of the most valuable things you can give yourself is time.” – Oprah

I had to take TIME away from my blog to figure out how to take TIME for myself in my life.

Blogging is a passion. I love to write. I love to share stories. I love to connect with others. But I found that in the beginning of the year blogging felt like a chore. I felt like I had to put out content whether I truly enjoyed the post or not. But that’s not me. That’s not why I began this blog. I started writing to remind myself of how I should feel during my emotional lows, and to inspire others to truly “live their life.”

You may (or may not) have noticed that after my two Valentine’s Day themed posts (5 Things Being Single Has Taught Me,& Why I Choose to Embrace My Singleness) I took a hiatus…a break.

I needed TIME to reflect on my vision for this blog, my vision for myself, and my vision for life.

One day after an absolute mental breakdown I realized I had lost a key component of my life: balance.

Balancing school, volunteering, a job, a thesis, a puppy, a social life, self-care time, and a blog can become overwhelming. I felt the foundation of my well-being crumbling below my feet. I had lost the balance and began to fall apart.

I can now tell you, I’ve found that balance again. I’ve unearthed a sense of direction and purpose, not only for my blog but for myself.

Purpose is a big part of the next chapter of my life. As I finish up my current chapter as a grad student, I will begin the next chapter toward fulfilling what I feel like is my purpose based off my gifts of writing, sharing, and inspiring.

That’s a little update from me, but also a reminder for you to make sure you have that BALANCE in your life.

Take TIME to find BALANCE, because that TIME can help you find PURPOSE.

Thank you to all my family, friends, followers, readers, and fellow bloggers. Let’s get ready for this next chapter together so we can walk as one toward living our lives to the fullest everyday.


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